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    28 - 30 November 2012
    21 talks

    The main theme of Ci2012 is:

    Leadership and courage for volatile times

    Eric Knight in his new book Reframe says: “Wicked problems have no stopping rules. They are the product of an increasingly complex, interconnected world.”

    This theme will be addressed at the personal, organisational and global level across the major sectors of business, industry, community and government. Sessions will allow delegates the opportunity to expand their scope of creative understanding and learn new strategies whilst also leveraging their innate, but sometimes hidden, right-brained creative capabilities. Artists in residence will create moments of non-verbal content that help to change traditional mindsets.

    Using innovative audience interaction the sessions will provide an exchange between presenter and audience. The one way communication presentation style that stifles many conferences will be transformed by world class dialogues, facilitators, performers, provocateurs and “hot spot” debate centres.

    The theme will also facilitate Deep Conversations around important and challenging issues we face.

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